Resources (continued)

Copyright Information

Here are the basics of what you should know about the copyright laws as they pertain to the residential home design and building industry:

  • Purchasing a license to use a set of Backline Prints, Reproducibles or Digital Files transfers no right or ownership of the plan. You have merely purchased a limited license to build the structure one time, and one time only.
  • The prints and/or files or customized variations may not be lent, given away, or sold whether you build the plan or not.
  • Blackline Prints cannot be modified or redrawn. If you need to modify or redraw the plan, you must purchase a reproducible plan set or digital files which will include a license allowing you or the design professional of your choice to modify them.
  • Making photocopies of, or reproducing in any form, the blueprints or blacklines, plans, drawings, PDF’s, CAD files or any other related artwork without the written consent of the copyright owner is illegal.
  • Our print sets may not be copied by your local reprographics shop. Please contact us to purchase the additional sets at a nominal cost. Printers are prohibited from making copies of these plans.
  • Violating the copyright laws through willful infringement can cause legal settlements for statutory damages of up to $150,000.00 per occurrence (per house built) in addition to recovery of attorney fees, damages and loss of profits.

We are only making you aware of general copyright information for your benefit to help you in purchasing the right plan package for your use requirements. We recommend that you purchase enough print sets to complete your home building project, or a set of reproducibles or digital files to allow you or a design professional in your local area to make modifications as needed.

If you have any question regarding this information, please call or email us at Additional information regarding copyright of home plans may be found at The House Plan Marketing Association website at

Use of Plans

All Study Plans sets and Construction Plan sets are published and distributed by The Plan Drawer, Inc. The United States Copyright Law protects the content of these plans and their architectural design.

These documents may not be redrawn, duplicated, distributed or sold without prior written authorization by The Plan Drawer, Inc.

The purchaser of our Construction Plan Sets license or a digital file usage license is granted permission to use these plans for the construction of one single family home only. The purchase of any additional set(s) of Blackline Prints does not entitle the licensee to construct more than one house.

This permission is granted to the licensee exclusively, and may not be sold or transferred to any party without prior written authorization by The Plan Drawer, Inc.

Study Sets are to be used for evaluation purposes only and may not to be used for building permits or construction.