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What is a Pre-Drawn Home Plan?

Residential designers around the country are actively involved in designing custom, one-of-a-kind homes, for their clients. These same designers may also choose to use the experience and expertise they have developed in creating custom designs to also create home plans for the national market. These plans are not designed for a specific client or site but are instead developed for a typical client profile they are familiar with. The costs to develop these designs and construction documents are then spread over multiple sales. These designs are called “stock” or “pre-drawn” home plans.

What is the advantage of purchasing a Pre-Drawn Home Plan?

As home design professionals, we are involved in designing homes on a daily basis. We understand the challenges and nuances of home design and strive to develop plans that are functional and use space effectively in addition to providing great curb appeal.

When you purchase a pre-drawn plan license you are receiving an accurate and complete set of construction documents for a fraction of the cost to develop a similar home on a custom basis. These plans you are purchasing a license to build one time may then be modified locally to suit your specific needs and site considerations. Your finished home will include all of the custom detail options that our residential design experts have developed through years of experience designing custom homes for others.

If you choose to purchase plans as they exist without custom changes, they can be shipped to you in just a few days, completion of custom changes will be quoted to you at the time of submittal. You may then have the plans reviewed by a local residential professional for local code compliance, structural requirements and site dictated modifications. Once this local step is completed, you will be ready to apply for a building permit months earlier than if you had chosen the custom plan route.

What advantage does a builder gain by purchasing a Pre-Drawn Home Plan?

By purchasing a pre-drawn plan a building professional can reduce the construction cycle by approximately 60 days. Instead of investing a full three months or more in development of a custom home plan that may be built only a few times, plans may be purchased on an as-needed basis, changes made in 30 days or less and the costs expensed directly to one home instead of spreading it over several builds as part of your overhead.

Cost is another major factor that makes this decision logical. For a fraction of the cost to generate a custom design the builder has a thorough and complete set of construction documents for a home that is a proven sales winner.

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Building Codes

Our plans are designed to conform to the International Residential Code (IRC) in effect at the time they were prepared.

This code is currently recognized by a majority of the building departments throughout the country.

However, different codes, additional codes, or more recent editions of these codes may apply in your area.

Consult with your local building official to determine which codes will actually apply.