Ordering Plans (continued)

Blueprint Plan Packages Include

A typical blueprint plan package does include:

  • Cover Sheet: General code notes and design conditions included
  • Foundation Plan: Drawings and details for placing the foundation
  • Floor plan(s): Drawings and details for framing the walls and floors
  • Roof Plan: Drawings and details for framing the roof
  • Elevation Sheet(s): Drawings and details for the exterior elevations
  • Section Sheet: Section cuts as required to explain construction

Please check with your local permitting authority for additional details that may need to be included for a permit submittal. These may include site plans, energy calculations, HVAC calculations, truss plans, I joist plans etc.

Design Modifications

If you have purchased one of our reproducible plan sets or digital file formats, you may modify the design to suit your personal preferences. These modifications are assumed and made at your own risk, and should be reviewed by a design professional for code compliance and structural integrity. Please keep in mind that modifications to The Plan Drawer, Inc. plans are considered “derivative works” of the original design, and are protected by the U.S. Copyright Laws. Any design that is revised, or a “derivative work”, may not be sold, duplicated, distributed or used to construct any additional homes beyond the one single family home as stipulated above, even if the plans have been completely redrawn.