Ordering Plans

Blueprint Plan Package Options

The Plan Drawer, Inc., in order to serve your needs, offers several purchase options for our plan licenses. Once you have selected a home plan you are interested in, we recommend that you purchase a study set for review. The study set is a complete full size set of the construction documents and allows you the opportunity to thoroughly review the plans at a modest cost prior to purchase of construction sets.

Blueprint Plan Packages Include

Our plans are created as “Builder Plans”; this means that they have sufficient information for building permit submittal and for a building professional to construct your home. They typically do not include finish specifications or schedules, window or trim profiles, cabinet plans or elevations, electrical or HVAC plans.

Blueprint Plan Prices and How to Place an Order

Now that you have found the perfect plan for your dream home, you will need to purchase a license to build that plan. This license will include either the 10 set pack or one of the reproducible formats as outlined in the price list. You also have the option of purchasing a study set first, to determine if there are any changes that you may want to make. Click the More Info button to learn how to order and see the prices.

Method of Shipment

There are several ways that we can ship your plans to you.

When placing your order please let us know the method of shipment you prefer. FedEx 3rd business day is included in the license cost, FedEx next business day is a $25.00 additional charge and PDF files will be sent to an email address only.

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Building Codes

Our plans are designed to conform to the International Residential Code (IRC) in effect at the time they were prepared. This code is currently recognized by a majority of the building departments throughout the country. However, different codes, additional codes, or more recent editions of these codes may apply in your area. Consult with your local building official to determine which codes will actually apply.

After you receive your plans, you should consult your local builder, residential designer, architect, engineer or other construction professional to review your plans before actual construction begins. We cannot be responsible for the advice or assistance you receive from them or for methods that they use. The owner and contractor assume the responsibility for meeting and adhering to all local, state and federal codes..